5 Ways to solve the NYTimes’ Oldest Mystery

Can you name something that has been running in the New York Times for about 75 years and still has people guessing over it? Yes! Crossword. Over the years, NYTimes Crossword Puzzles have been a major rage for the people who wish to test their understanding. While many people believe that only the people with a great vocabulary can solve these puzzles, it is completely invalid. Crossword just affirms the fact that you can think, it is not about the vocabulary but the understanding and determination you carry to solve something with twisted clues. The Crosswords are difficult but we have a blueprint that can make this solving quest, easy!

  1. Start by solving the Mini Puzzles and old Puzzles

If you are trying to solve crossword for the very first time in your life, then we would like to recommend you to start with the smaller version of the daily puzzles, the Daily Mini and Midi Crosswords. These puzzles are just as the actual ones just smaller in size, with a grid of 7 x 7. This makes it easy for the people to guess and get adapted to the way the actual crossword is solved. Once you struck your way with these smaller crosswords, your attempts with the bigger ones will become more successful and you might be able to solve the bigger one, better.

  1. Solved Puzzles: The saviors

With over 75 years of solved puzzles, you have a very long study material that can help you avenge these crosswords. When studied well, you will understand that these puzzles have always follow a theme and NYTimes follows these theme to cue clues. With this you will also understand that the cues tend to get difficult as they approach Saturday. The Monday clues are very direct and people can easily guess them, while the Saturday ones are the most difficult of the week and one needs to delve and devote time to solve these twisted clues.

  1. FUQ: Frequently used Ques

After studying the previously solved puzzles, you will realize that there are answers and clues that are repeated more often. Knowing these frequently used clues and answers will make you solve your Crossword easily.

The word ‘area’ has been repeated for about 1400 times in all these years. There have been four puzzle editors till now and the current puzzle editor, Will Shortz has been the editor since 1993. According to him, the word ‘Era’ has been used quite often.  “The nice thing about it is that there’s lots of ways to clue it. You know, it’s the historical period. It is the earned run average in baseball. It’s the name of a laundry detergent. There are just lots…”, explained Shortz in an interview with CBS News.

  1. Nothing wrong in asking for help

There is nothing wrong in taking help when you are stuck. Nobody can be a pro in a first few attempts. There are two options: to check or to reveal. With these options you can not only check or reveal the whole puzzle but single words as well. It is better to check something than to keep wasting time on it. Also when stuck, you can opt for smaller words or clues that can lead you to bigger ones.

  1. Data sources

There are several data sources available online wherein you can type your clue and those sources can provide more clues to clues. Some websites also provide suggestions to help you think better about the clues. , Visit Crossword answers 911 Data Source

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Happy Solving!