5 Ways to solve the NYTimes’ Oldest Mystery

Can you name something that has been running in the New York Times for about 75 years and still has people guessing over it? Yes! Crossword. Over the years, NYTimes Crossword Puzzles have been a major rage for the people who wish to test their understanding. While many people believe that only the people with a great vocabulary can solve… More →

How Medical Marijuana helps treat Headache Disorders

Headaches are common in a lot of people long time ago you could take Optalgin and get rid of it but today more and more people choosing the natural way to fight diseases and when i talk about ” natural way ” so Yes we are talking about buying marijuana on the internet. Headaches can occur due to the simplest… More →

Get rid of Painful Bladder Syndrome with Cannabinoids

Painful bladder is a disease that is chronic in nature. There is no known cure for the disease. The only treatment that is available at present is the pain killers to reduce pain sensation. The other treatments are all symptomatic and can help in reducing various symptoms that occur because of the disease. There is no permanent cure for the… More →

Cannabis and its role in Treating HIV

HIV is a deadly disease with almost no possible treatment. The only possible treatment is anti retro viral therapy that will help in reducing the effects if the virus. Once a person is diagnosed with the disease, there is need for immediate treatment to prevent any infections that can occur. Though there are not many treatment options available, one of… More →