Get rid of Painful Bladder Syndrome with Cannabinoids

northern lights weed effects
northern lights weed effects

Painful bladder is a disease that is chronic in nature. There is no known cure for the disease. The only treatment that is available at present is the pain killers to reduce pain sensation. The other treatments are all symptomatic and can help in reducing various symptoms that occur because of the disease. There is no permanent cure for the disease. There are two major ways in which this disease can affect a person. The first thing that happens in those who suffer from this disease is an increase in the inflammation. The disease is characterized by interstitial cystitis. This means that there is inflammation in the bladder. This can lead to frequent urination. The other common and serious symptom that is associated with the inflammation is the severe pain felt by the affected person. The pain is very severe because the sensitivity of the person to pain is also increased. So, even mild pain is felt as severe pain in this disease.

Though there are many medicines available for the treatment of this disease they do not work after some months. The reason for this is that they can lead to various complications or side effects and are stopped. Other medications lose their effect because they are used for long periods of time. Medical marijuana is one of the best treatments that can help in getting rid of the various symptoms of this disease.

Cannabinoids and their role in painful bladder syndrome:

  1. Reduces inflammation: The use of Cannabinoids will help in reducing the pain sensation in the person because this drug will reduce the inflammation. When the inflammation is reduced, the irritation caused by the inflammation will also decrease.
  2. Relieves pain: Pain relief is one of the major effects of medical marijuana. It is useful in all chronic disease and more so in conditions where there is pain. So, painful bladder syndrome can be controlled with the use of the medical marijuana. It will relieve pain and ensure improved bladder control.
  3. Improves bladder control: There is also improved bladder control in the patients who have this disease. When they are suffering from severe forms of the disease and when the disease is left untreated, it will lead to frequent urination. The main reason for this is that they do not have bladder control because of the severe pain. When pain is controlled by medical marijuana compounds like Cannabinoids, it helps in relieving the pain and thus improves the bladder control.

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